Antler King’s Sweet Apple Intensity is a Mega-concentrated corn additive that is revolutionizing the corn feed industry with it’s special concentrated yeast culture to support digestion and aid in digestive efficiency.  The intense aroma and sweet flavor of Sweet Apple Intensity will attract deer from further away and will help condition your deer herd to come to your location for feed.  Simply mix one 16 oz. packet with 500 lbs. of corn and through consumption, your deer will be able to more effectively and efficiently break down and digest all food matter they consume.  This special yeast culture helps maintain a healthy population of rumen microbes allowing the microflora in the deer’s system to more efficiently break down feed and convert it to energy.  Maximizing deer nutrition requires an adequate supply of nutrients available for maintenance, muscle accretion, antler growth, fetal development and milk production.  Adding Sweet Apple Intensity to your supplemental feeding program will improve the digestive efficiency of your herd and help maximize health and genetic growth potential.


- In field tests, feed topped with INTENSITY was consumed twice as fast as feed topped with other attractants

- Contains a concentrated apple flavoring and aroma to attract more deer.

- Designed to be mixed with corn/grain to aid in digestion.

- Contains highly concentrated yeast culture, which acts as a digestive aid, making deer more efficient in nutrient consumption.

- 1 16 oz. package treats up to 500 lbs. of corn


* Sweet Apple Intensity will attract deer. Check your local game laws for baiting regulations before using.

Antler King Sweet Apple Intensity